Nebraska Board of Geologists


All in-office payments must be check or exact cash. The Board staff cannot process debit or credit card payments in person or over the phone.

Note: All Board related fees are non-refundable

 Application Fees


Fundamentals of Geology (FG) Exam Application Fee


Practice of Geology (PG) Exam Application Fee


Reciprocal License Application Fee


Temporary Permit Application Fee


Certificate of Authorization for Organization Application Fee (valid for two years from issuance)




 Renewal Fees


License Renewal Fee – due no later than December 31 of each year


Monthly Penalty for Late Renewals (up to $65) and is in additional to the license renewal fee listed above.


Certificate of Authorization Renewal Fee (valid for two years)




 ASBOG Exam Fees

Contact ASBOG



 Miscellaneous Fees


Emeritus Status Fee (Lifetime)


Return Check/Electronic Payment Fee


   Duplicate Certificate


Roster and Public Records Requests

Cost will be determined by the time required to generate documents per Nebraska Public Records Statute §8-712. Standard roster requests will be provided at no cost and available within four business days. Requests must be in writing and may be sent to


Verification of Licensure

Requests must be in writing and accompanied by the applicable requesting State’s form.



Checks and money orders should be made out to the Nebraska Board of Geologists or NEBOG.

Electronic Check Re-Presentment Policy: In the event that a check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, we may re-present your check electronically. In the ordinary course of business, your check will not be provided to you with your statement.