Nebraska Board of Geologists


Certificates of Authorization

Organizations practicing or offering to practice geology in Nebraska are required to obtain a Certificate of Authorization. The Board will review the application and issue a Certificate if the minimum requirements are satisfied. Certificates are valid for two years for the date of issuance.

You will need a Certificate of Authorization if your organization:

  • Practices or offers to practice geology in Nebraska;
  • Are a geological consultant to a geology organization in Nebraska; or
  • Bill for geological services pertaining to projects in Nebraska

You will not need a Certificate of Authorization if your organization:

  • Is a sole proprietorship (practicing as an individual without a partnership, corporation, or other type of organization)

Minimum Requirements

  • One Nebraska licensed professional geologist for the duration of the certificate.
  • The licensed professional geologist must be a full-time employee of the organization.
  • Submit an Application for Certificate of Authorization and applicable application fee.

More information on Certificates of Authorization can be found in Chapter 3.8 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations.

Updates to Certificate

Updates to information pertaining to a Certificate of Authorization, must be made on the Changes to Certificate of Authorization Form. The completed form may be emailed to the Board’s office or faxed to 402-471-0787. Updates include:

  • Address/Contact information
  • Change in the Geologic Authority
  • Changes in the Organizational Authority
  • Changes in the Alternate Names (i.e. DBA, AKA, etc.)
  • Changes in the Officers/Governing body

Renewal of Certificates

Certificates must be renewed every two years. A renewal notice is sent to the firm 30-60 days prior to the expiration of the Certificate. Any updates to the Certificate may be made at this time without separately submitting a Change to Certificate of Authorization Form.

Secretary of State Requirements

The Certificate of Authorization may also be used to file any applications with the Nebraska Secretary of State to fulfill requirements for practicing geology in Nebraska as an organization. Please contact the Secretary of State at (402) 471-4079 or email inquiries to their Corporate Division for guidance on their requirements.


Certificate of Authorization Application

Change to Certificate of Authorization Form



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