Nebraska Board of Geologists

Rules and Regulations

Title 171 of the Nebraska Administrative Code comprises the Board’s Rules and Regulations and enables the Board to administer the Act and cannot exceed the powers assigned to the Board by the Legislature. The latest revisions are effective as of July 1, 2019.

The revisions include a reorganization of former Chapter 3 into four separate chapters for easier referencing, amending some rules for better clarification, and the adoption of several new rules. The revisions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New rule specifying that an applicant’s prior criminal or disciplinary history is not an automatic bar to licensure or admittance to the examinations;
  • New rule clarifying what constitutes acceptable direct supervision of geologic work;
  • New rule allowing for the acceptance of electronic education transcripts;
  • New rule clarifying work performed under a conditional approval is deemed to have been performed pursuant to a valid license, certificate, or permit;
  • Deletion of Duties of the Board in Chapter 2 to remove redundant language already found in the Geologists Regulations Act;
  • Deletion of definitions already found in Title 53 NAC, Chapter 4 of the Department of Justice which have been adopted and incorporated into Title 171 NAC; and
  • Revisions to Chapter 5 to simplify and clarify the enforcement process when undertaken by the Board.

All changes and updates can be viewed here.

State of Nebraska Board of Geologists - Rules and Regulations 

To download a copy of the updated Professional Geologists Handbook which includes these revisions click here.