Nebraska Board of Geologists

Temporary Permits

Temporary Permits

A non-resident professional geologist having no established place of business in this state who holds a current license in good standing issued in another licensing authority recognized by the Board may apply for a Temporary Permit to provide geologic services for no more than one project, not to exceed one year in length. The temporary permit holder uses his/her seal from the state of verified licensure when sealing documents pertaining to the Nebraska project accompanied with the information provided by the Nebraska Board. In order to obtain a temporary permit an applicant is required to:

  • Submit a Temporary Permit Application with the applicable fee
  • Have verification of licensure in good standing in another jurisdiction sent to the Board – you will need to contact the jurisdiction who will be providing the verification for any fees they may charge.

A project being carried out in Nebraska under an organization’s name must have a professional geologist in charge that is licensed in Nebraska. Most simply, organizations cannot use temporary permits.

If an individual wishes to practice after the Temporary Permit has expired or after the specified project is completed, they will be required to apply for licensure.

Temporary Permit Application

Verification of Licensure/Examination Form


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