Nebraska Board of Geologists

ASBOG Announces FG Prep Course

ASBOG introduces a new online preparatory course designed to aid candidates in their preparations for the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology (FG) exam.  The 8-hour modular program was developed by a distinguished panel of licensed academic professional geologists from across the nation.  The course provides an overview of topics tied to FG exam domains as well as interactive quizzes. Participants will have the flexibility to select one of three packages to best suit their individual needs. Options include the Full Course (including all eight study modules), or one of the more focused study courses - the Core Domain Bundle (including five study modules) or the Applied Domain Bundle (four study modules).

Candidates interested in the Prep Course can view a free comprehensive overview video of the FG Prep Course contents (LINK).  Additional information can also be found on the ASBOG website (LINK).

The full FG Prep Course will cover all eight content domains on the ASBOG exam:

  • Domain A – General Geology and Geological Investigations
  • Domain B  – Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry
  • Domain C – Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
  • Domain D – Geomorphology and Surficial Processes
  • Domain E – Structure, Tectonics and Seismology
  • Domain F – Hydrogeology
  • Domain G – Engineering Geology
  • Domain H – Mineral and Energy Resources

Additionally, two different bundles are offered for the candidates interested in focusing their preparations.  The “Core Domain” bundle will include a review of Domains A, B, C, D, and E, and; the “Applied Domain” bundle will include a review of  Domains A, F, G, and H.